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About Genesis Homes

The Simple Truth

This information constitutes The Vision of Miles Grant
Founder and owner of
Genesis Homes,
and the companies dedication to
High Performance Quality


Genesis Homes was founded with a simple philosophy: build a few homes in a great close-in location and make sure that, behind the glamour and style, and beneath the design and function, our homeowners find a sound investment. I believe we do that, not by being the biggest builder in Denver, but rather by building more High Performance Quality into our homes and locating them in excellent neighborhoods, and doing these two things better than any of our competitors.

There is great value for you at our newest location in Castle Rock! DIAMOND HEAD AT PLUM CREEK

For our first Genesis Homes project, Hillside, I purchased a unique in-fill location in suburban southwest-metro Denver. This was an area that had less than five percent of the overall buildable land left for development. This created tremendous value for the home buyer because of limited supply. As supply diminishes, price increases. When it came time to replace Hillside we looked for the same long-term value for our customers. We found Diamond Head, the last reasonably priced FAMILY oriented new home project in Plum Creek. Very soon there will simply not be any more new home FAMILY oriented communities built in this highly desirable area. This again has given us, the opportunity to produce Long-Term value for our customer.

We created a comfortable neighborhood surrounded by lavish open space including the beautiful and exclusive Plum Creek Golf Club. Of the 83 homes at Diamond Head, 60 have open space in the rear, front, or side yards. This means a sense of space, while still enjoying the feel of a neighborhood. All of the Diamond Head homes are within a short walking distance of many acres of parks and trails. Castle Rock has over 400 acres of parks and open space, as well as a grand 64,000 square foot recreation facility.

Genesis is building homes that fit the needs of a majority of discerning Empty Nester home buyers. If, after you have found your favorite floor plan, and you need a small, non-structural, adjustment to make it just right, we will make every effort to make it happen.

Our formula for a Sound Investment is simple:
1) A great location
2) Designs you love to live in
3) Style that keeps your excited
4) “Step Above” Quality in construction
5) High Performance Energy Efficiency throughout

We have already introduced our desirable location, and assuming you have walked through our models, or perused our floor plans, you may be dreaming about the home you would love to live in. Allow me to briefly discuss what makes us unique in the area of style.

It all starts with what your friends and family see when they drive up to your new home, our street appeal. Our entry doors have a choice of full glass imagery. The exteriors feature stucco, stone, or brick, and 3 choices of 50 year roofing materials. We offer many different exterior looks so that your home is distinctive to your tastes. Then, our majestic shapes invite you in.

Once inside, the interior trim in each of our Diamond Head homes features crafted 4-inch base and casing. The doors are trimmed with custom Victorian Headers and base blocks. Our main level doors are all 8 feet tall, accenting 9 foot ceilings. The cabinets in a Genesis home are all quality hardwoods with arched, raised-inset panels. They have wood end panels, rather than using a fake wood vinyl veneer, as most builders do. The cabinet layouts incorporate 42” uppers staggered in height with crown molding, carved filler panels, and they feature a glass insert on a feature cabinet. All of our master baths include 36-inch-high cabinets. Cabinets are included in each home’s laundry room. We use upgraded Moen brushed nickel plumbing fixtures and bath accessories, upgraded decorator lighting fixtures, sculptured pedestal sinks in all of our powder rooms, and elongated toilets in our master bathrooms. Our kitchen sinks are cast iron, and, because our customers asked us to, our kitchen countertops are slab Quartz composite, which is a superior product to granite, but you can have granite for the same price. The showers in the master baths include full-height 6x6-inch ceramic tile on the shower wall and we also tile the ceiling. The other bathrooms in each home have full-height 4x4-inch ceramic tile. This feature is only available in the finest custom homes. Our shower enclosures are brushed nickel with rimless European-style doors. Our standard carpet is Dominator or Hawkeye CFN Nylon over 3/8”, 5 lb. rebond pad. Our standard kitchen appliance offering includes two conventional ovens and a microwave.

Now that I have reviewed the cool stuff you “love” about a Genesis Home, the “stuff” that makes living in a new home so fun, let me tell you the Simple Truth about what is behind the “fun”. What exactly is High Performance Quality? Well, this is how I define it:

1) A home built using reliable contractors
2) A home built for healthy living and safety
3) A home built that is comfortable to live in
4) A home built efficiently
5) A home built to last

So, what about reliable contractors? My thirty years of experience in the Denver market has allowed me to enjoy ongoing relationships with the best trade contractors in the market. Our framing contractor is a great example. Van Dyk Construction is one of the oldest and finest names in Denver framing, and they have been framing homes for me for over 10 years. Genesis requires quality and theirs is the best. The electricians wiring our homes have worked with me for over 27 years. I trust them to install great, trouble-free products—from the copper wiring to the convenient rocker switches. Our drywall contractor has helped us build fine homes for over 15 years. The Rocky Mountain Drywall Company has created great-looking walls in Denver for over 20 years. They employ the best supervisors and craftsmen. Again, we demand great things, and the best drywall company in Denver delivers! In addition to great contractors we also have great suppliers. Names like Cacoon, Truss Joist, Amsco, Bryant, Hardiplank, Rinnai, Wiersbo, Lennox, Ankmar, OwensCorning, Monier LifeTile, Robinson Brick, Moen, Masonite, Kwikset, Dap Sidewinder, Kwal, Quality Cabinets, Zodiac, and Kenmore.

What makes a home safe and healthy? Simple, the air you breathe. For decades the home building industry has used natural gas as a preferred energy source. And, for decades the appliances installed that burn natural gas have relied on gravity (hot air rises) to ventilate combustion gases. There are countless influences on air pressure changes inside a home, and these changes have proven to cause down drafts in gravity ventilation. Returning combusted gases back into the home can and does happen with these systems. The industry as a whole has focused on making homes tighter and less drafty. While builders have focused on better window and doors to reduce drafts, they have not as a whole focused on indoor air quality. Genesis has chosen to use only gas appliances with closed sealed combustion systems. That includes furnaces, water heaters, and fireplaces. Next time you see an open gravity vent hood over a water heater, ask yourself if you wouldn’t sleep better knowing the vent was a sealed system. Genesis also includes energy efficient air exchange systems, bringing in fresh air from the outside to replace the stale air inside, without losing heat. Genesis Homes is dedicated to include all of these desirable features standard in your new home.

Comfort is certainly important, comfort begins with design. We engineer our HVAC (Heating Venting Air Conditioning) systems, using the latest state of the art Manual J design calculations, which provide each home with the proper sizing of equipment and ducting. This provides your home with just the right amount energy without designing in inefficient “over-sizing” of HVAC equipment, which has been the industry standard for years. All of our duct work is sealed to reduce leakage, and we use mastic sealant not tape which will fail over time. Most of the industry uses either no sealing or just a tape sealing. Our return air system is also hard sealed ducting. This is an easy distinction to see from most other builders. Next time you’re in a basement and you see either sheet metal or even cardboard nailed on the underside of the floor joists, you are seeing the industry standard for a return air system. Imagine the inefficient air leakage occurring with that system. We use central return air design using all sealed hard ducting. In summary, we go to great lengths to design and properly size an integrated HVAC system. We use continuous sealed ducting throughout, and we integrate fresh air into the home. Finally, our furnace is a 92% efficient sealed combustion appliance. Together it all adds up to better comfort.

When I think of efficiency in my car, I think of mile per gallon. When I think of it in my home, I think of dollars per month. What do we do that is different then the average? Let me list a few steps we take:

1) 92% efficient furnace
2) 12 seer AC units
3) House wrap to reduce air infiltration
4) Solid cavity fill cellulose insulation in walls
5) Advanced foaming and sealing process to further reduce air infiltration
6) Superior application of insulation at rim joists. A critical area of heat loss.
7) R 38 attics
8) Conditioned crawl spaces

That is just the HVAC & insulation systems. How about plumbing?
1) Manifold home run synthetic water piping, superior to traditional copper systems
2) A Renaii tankless continuous hot water system. This system saves up to 40% over the industry standard “tea pot” approach to tank hot water appliances, and you never run out of hot water. This is system again employs sealed combustion, and is simply the most energy efficient and reliable product available today.
3) Sealed direct vent gas fireplaces that contribute to heat gain efficiently, rather then sending all that energy up a flue.

Finally, a few misc. features that put us ahead on our competitors in the area of home efficiency:

1) Low E glass in all windows, saves you $$$ year round.
2) Standard circulating fans on our efficient direct vent fireplaces. They, by design produce efficient heat, we make sure it gets circulated.
3) Solid, strong, insulated garage doors. By the way, these doors have beautiful new styles too.
4) Speaking of garages, we also fully insulate and sheet rock our entire garage, standard.

Finally, Durability. Our focus in the area of making a home that is strong and long lasting underlies all the other performance criteria I have told you about. Here is where we focus:

1) Soils: The Denver area is infamous for its expansive soils. When we encounter them, like we did at our Hillside project, we plan for it. When Genesis developed Hillside in Littleton we elected to accomplish stabilizing the soil even though Jefferson County and the soil engineers did not recognize the need for soil stabilization. We removed the soil down to a 14-foot depth, treated it, and replaced it with greater compaction than the original in place soil. This preventative measure protects our customers foundations, their driveways, and all the public streets and sidewalks from extreme damage by eliminating the swelling potential of expansive soils. So, when we encounter difficult soils we design out the risk. Another way we reduce the risk that soils bring to bear on home owners is to find soils low in expansion characteristics in its natural state. At Diamond head the in place soil is non expansive and we will not have any worries about damaging soil problems. We have our foundations engineered to make the best use of the in place soil.

2) Structural designs. Here is a brief summary:

a) 9’ high foundations, designed specifically to existing soils conditions
b) Framing engineered to resist applied loads, like snow and wind, specific to this neighborhood.
c) Our specifications require steel reinforcing in the concrete floor. Genesis installs steel bars, whereas most builders use wire mesh or nothing at all.
d) The other frequently-used concrete areas in a Genesis home—the porches and patios—are supported on foundation walls. These walls are poured with the walls that support the house. These areas are also reinforced with steel. Thus, the porches and patios simply cannot settle or fall away from the house. You simply cannot get this quality from most production builders.
e) We install the very best exterior siding and masonry products on our homes. The siding is manufactured by the James Hardie company, and is made from concrete and a small amount of wood fibers. The siding carries a 50-year performance guarantee.
f) Exterior concrete specs are 4000 psi concrete mix. This increases resistance to the damages of the freeze thaw cycle, and is 30% stronger than most of our competitions concrete.
g) We pay for a series of certified engineering inspections in addition to our own thorough inspection. Never expect what you don’t inspect!

3) Moisture control processes are essential to the long term durability of a home. Our measure to control damaging water starts from under the ground up:

a) The foundations are protected by an intricate series of underground drains which surround the homes and traverse into a master drain under the street. The drains are all inspected and certified by engineers. If, for any reason, a drain should fail, we have installed a back-up system in our homes’ basements. In each, we install a water sump pit and a self-actuating pump in the pit. This sump will collect water not being accepted by the under drains and pump it out of the basement. We constructed our under drains from rigid four-inch pipe, not flexible, thin-walled black pipe. We even drain your window wells.
b) We designed the grading around the homes to quickly drain away rain and snow melt. You will see a rock wall in the front of many Diamond Head homes. This facilitates the drainage by allowing the increased elevation of the foundation, and forcing water away quickly.
c) We use air barrier systems in our insulation package.
d) We use building paper house wrap under our siding.
e) Windows and doors are installed using intricate flashing systems designed to minimize water infiltration.
f) Behind our masonry and stucco walls a double building wrap is applied to insure functioning drainage planes behind the masonry.
g) We use 2x3 gutter flashing to bridge the gap between the roofing and the gutter.
h) We use 50 year roofing systems. If you elect to go with a tile roof, we use both a lath and batting system. Many builders ignore the batting. The results are they put a 50 year roofing product over a 10 year substructure.
i) We prime our drywall before texture. It not only helps in the finished look and durability of the paint, it increases the vapor barrier action a painted wall performs in the over all wall system.

The Simple Truth is that the value of a home is so much more than just the cost per square foot. The true investment value is the cost per square foot times the High Performance Based Quality. I am proud of the High Performance measures we invest into a Genesis Home. Because of it, we believe the value of your new Genesis Home will surpass our competitors, and for that I am proud to be the founder and owner of Genesis Homes.

Warmest Regards,

 Miles Grant